Rug Cleaning

"Every rug that is expected to provide pleasure over the course of several decades,
requires regular and expert cleaning."

High-quality carpets are an investment for many years. But with time and constant use even the best rug loses its brilliance and needs a cleaning.

A good carpet cleaning should not only be mild to the carpet’s fringes, but also have a deep-penetrating effect. Because of that you should arrange, in regular intervals, a rug cleaning for your oriental carpets.

High-quality silk rugs, as well as oriental carpets, have to be cleaned gently and with a huge amount of expertise and a keen understanding of the material.

The rug house of Rezai is your contact for rug cleaning in Aschaffenburg. We pick up your carpet, anywhere in the country as well as internationally, and clean it using the highest-quality cleaning supplies. We wash your rug traditionally, as well as using an organic and manual washing. We don’t use any chemicals and therefore the wool grease doesn't get abstracted from your carpet.

It is necessary to care for your high-quality rug from time to time, giving it a professional cleaning to preserve it. Each kind of dirt, including bacteria, bugs, acarians, and moths, strongly reduce your carpet’s life span.

Before we clean your rug in the laundry, we choose an individual cleaning procedure for your carpet. For that we analyze its age, the used wool, the coloring and the degree of contamination.

After that, we add your rug into a special carpet machine to free the rug from dust, sand and other dirt. The removal of this rough dirt is in the beginning of the carpet cleaning at our cleaning facility.
After that we water the rug and start the prewash. During the main wash the carpet undergoes a wash which enters the ground fabric of the rug. In this phase we also conduct a wool grease impregnation for your carpet. We also clean your carpet’s edges and fringes during another phase of the washing process on the front as well as on the flip side of your rug to make sure that we can free your rug from any dirt. If there are still any spots left we will use a special spot remover.

During the next step, the carpet is put under a roller to make sure that no water is left within the rug. We will keep an eye on the dewatering of the carpet.

We gently dry your rug in a special drying facility by blowing circulating air into the room. This makes sure that the carpet will be free of rot, and that the natural new wool, as well as the fabric, are protected.

Although rug cleaning is very meticulous, we will execute a final quality control. We will check each and every millimeter of the carpet to make sure that the cleaning of the rug was successful.

After the cleaning of your high-quality carpet, you’ll realize that the colors of your rug will shine again and the fabric will be more resistant against dirt.

We can remove hard to remove spots, such as red wine, coffee, ink or water damage during the procedure of our professional carpet cleaning.

Just by performing a professional rug cleaning you can make sure that your high-quality rug will keep its value. With a regular carpet cleaning you’ll also ensure a comfortable room climate which is not ruined by bacteria or acarians. Because of that, a regular rug cleaning is very important.

We also offer a free pick-up and delivery service all across the country. Even internationally we’ll pick-up your Oriental carpet or silk rug and bring it into our carpet cleaning facility close to Aschaffenburg.

Choose the rug house of Rezai. We clean your rug professionally and with lots of care for detail. This way you’ll preserve your carpet's value. You’ll be surprised how beautiful an even heavily polluted rugs can become once again.

We love to help, please feel free to contact us.

    Professional rug cleaning:
Professional rug cleaning:
Professional rug cleaning:
  • Traditional hand washing
  • Special cleaning after
  • Water damage
  • Anti-moth treatment
  • Stain or spot removal
  • Impregnation
  • Odour neutralization
  • Smooth washing
  • Re-colouring / de-colouring
  • Gentle washing for
    antiques and silk
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