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Rug Repair

“We repair rugs while upholding the highest quality standards and bring their value back again.”

Professional rug repair:

Repairs of all types

Fringe repair

Stretching or tensioning to avoid waves

Colouring or de-colouring

Leather strap to prevent rolling up


Removing folds in rugs

Removing tears and breakage points

Re-knotting holes

Renewal of frayed edges

Hand looping

If you have bought an oriental carpet, you already know that you have invested in a piece of art that turns your home into something really special. But oriental rugs of the highest quality still suffer when you walk over them all the time. Because of that, one day you will have to give your oriental carpet some restoration or reparation through an authorized service center. We at the rug house of Rezai have 30 years of experience and repair small and big damages at our in-house specialist workshop. Even if your carpet is heavily damaged, we will do a high-quality repair based on experience and expertise. We will take our time to analyze your antique or modern rug because we know that a high-quality reparation takes time, patience and a sense for detail. We take care of the carpet you love and because of that, each rug will be well repaired and brought back to you restored in its original condition. Repairing carpets needs a lot of experience. We do all the repairing manually. We prove with each rug that we are able to work with every material and have a good eye for detail. If the fringes or edges of your high-quality carpet already have some damage, you should act quickly and give your rug to the hands of experts. Minor damages can be repaired at a low cost because of our long lasting experience. For that we fasten the fringes of the carpet and do not make complete new fringes for your rug. Doing so assures that the beauty of your carpet will be preserved, and it saves you on the cost.

If your rug has bigger damages, we will get the original material from the country of origin so we have the right color and can reconstruct your carpet. You won’t see any difference to your original rug because we solely use high-quality materials. Repairing your carpet does not just mean that no one should see the repair. It also helps to preserve the value of your rug. Especially when you have bought a high-quality carpet, it will increase its value all time. Of course you can have a look into our specialist workshop and have a look over our shoulder. So you’ll soon realize that you are at an authorized service center when you come to rug house of Rezai and that we provide you with an all-round service. Even if you are not close to Aschaffenburg, we are happy to examine the damage of your carpet. For that, please send us one or more photos where we can see the damage. We will carefully evaluate the damage and will soon send you an estimated cost without any obligation. We will pick up your rug all over Germany and send it back to you after successful reparation. This is a free service from us. We even take over the cost for international delivery. Please talk to us first. As your experienced partner, we love to help you and we will accomplish a fast and professional carpet reparation as cost-effectively as possible.

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