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Proper rug care

Regular and expert care is very important for every rug. So do not make false economies and subject your rug to chemical cleaning under any circumstances.

In particular, every oriental rug requires an individualized treatment on account of features like age, wool, knotting, material and colour. Therefore oriental rugs are cleaned thoroughly by us individually, placing them on the floor, exclusively by hand, with natural materials such as for example a mild carpet soap and clear water.

Although oriental rugs are extremely durable, it is important to follow the instructions for care listed below. Especially when the rug is soiled with a large quantity of sand and dust, frequent walking on its surface works like emery paper on the structure of the rug.

How to take regular care of your rug

Vacuum clean your rug once or twice a week, in the direction of the nap without brushing. The reverse side of the rug should also be vacuum cleaned once or twice a year. Now and then a couple of longer pile fibres can be seen because of vacuum cleaning, which however does not have any influence on the quality of the rug. You can cut off these pile fibres easily with a pair of scissors flush with the nap.

Dry cleaning agents, chemicals or aggressive cleaning materials, high pressure cleaners or foam cleaners are to be avoided under all circumstances. Hence it is best to obtain expert advice on the selection of cleaning medium from an expert.

The commonly employed beating of the rug while it is hung over a rug beating stand should also not be done, since the rug is exposed to unnecessary tensions through this and can get waves as a result.

An important reason why you should get your rug washed regularly is because of moths and their cocoons – the greatest enemies of your rug! They hide in all places that are dark and quiet. Besides, optimal climatic conditions for the proliferation of moths are created by central heating.

In case your rug has been made very wet by flower vases or flower vases that “sweat” on the underside, do speak as soon as possible to an expert regarding the further course of action.

Allow your rug to be assessed and cleaned, according to the soiling, every three to eight years by an expert.

Long years of experience have shown us that it pays off in every case if you check your rug regularly at the edges, borders and fringes. Early restoration methods can help prevent costly repairs in the future.

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