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Trade-in Should you desire to acquire a new rug, we shall of course consider your old rug for trade-in or exchange. We shall gladly make you a price proposal. Do not hesitate to show us rugs which may even be old, worthless or defective in your opinion. Certificate of authenticity Do you want a certificate of authenticity? Of course when you purchase one of our rugs, you will receive a certificate of authenticity. Particulars relating to the country of origin and provenance, material of processing, size and the knot count and the name and processing of your rug are explicitly certified.

Pick-up and delivery service A pick-up and delivery service is provided within our scope of services. You do not have to worry about transporting the rugs to us or back to your home after repair or cleaning. We pick up and deliver your favourite article and then spread it out again in the place you desire in your home. This service is free throughout Germany.

On-site service Service – for which we are famous. Where else can you select a rug better than in the same room which you intend it for? Thus you can decide on the rug that is going to bring you pleasure for the rest of your life peacefully in your own house, from the selection made for you. Trust our experience and advice. Rug evaluation Sometimes one just doesn’t know what kind of item one has inherited or been gifted. We are also your contact partners for these questions concerning your rug. Thus we compile expert evaluations in cases of insurance damage, we appraise and give you the replacement value, certify the exact particulars regarding your rug such as country of origin, material, size and knot count. We are at your service.

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